slowave . slowavology

GREEN starts like a big bang
And continues with a long upward dive
Where the blinding light is deafened
As the filters fade.
Organs and strings pierce the membrane
that separate realities,
Then are diluted in the amniotic ocean
where you drown.
Like time rushes by stretching out,
Like the silent sirens you hear in the distance
Singing your praise
As you relive your birth.

YELLOW is the solar color
That dyes the summer of your life.
Thrilling with lissome lust of the light
Your ecstatic soul wanders between
Austere tumults and feverish serenity,
The melodies follow one another
Like pearls
Of a broken necklace
That the music tries to pick up.

RED for Thunder after Summer,
RED for the leaves blown by the jerky storm,
RED for the fear hovering the long dark night.
Music ease fear, Music is made of passion,
You can’t hide, oh no, from the way you feel,
The world on you depends.

BLUE are the (unsaid) words
Over this endless river of violins,
The beat gazes at you with the look of disappearance,
The stairway like a beach
Turns whiter and brighter
And the void moves the tune
Where octaves mute.

slowave . slowavology : All tracks, artworks and poem ©Slowave / Florian &
Michael Quistrebert 2021.

Recorded with Moogs Matriarch, Korg Wavestate, Korg Opsix, Warldorf
Streichfett String Machine & Yamaha DX7 / Futurity Studios / Nantes & Den
Haag, Summer 2021.

Mastering : Adrien Pallot at Chab Studio, Paris.

©Florian & Michael Quistrebert 2023
©Sylvain Courbois Editions.2023